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AirCon Fault Diagnosis and Common Faults If you use this as fault finding guide it isn’t a bad starting point if the two vehicles are the same type If you are getting some cooling

1. Check the cabin filter – if its really dirty then replace it. That will give a better airflow

2. Look for any leaves or similar debris on the vents

3. Check that all of the trunking is still in place. Ensure all of the under dash panels are still in place protecting the air-con piping. Test using the recirculation button to make sure you have an even distribution of air

4. How long since the AC was last recharged? If its greater than 2 years then try this next. If you are getting no cooling..

1. Does the interior fan work? If not the AC wont work either, check the fuses and that power is getting to the switch and motor

2. Is the AC compressor actually running at all? Look under the bonnet at where the drive belt is running and get a friend to switch the AC on and off a few times, not too quickly as some systems do not start for several seconds after the switch has been pushed. You should hear a click as the clutch operates and you should then be able to identify which is the compressor.

Check the fuses to make sure all are ok. On some compressors you will find a fuse on the head of the unit. If this is blown then firstly do a recharge of the AirCon refrigerant as that is most likely cause of the fuse going. If the AC compressor is running then it most likely that there is a not enough of the refrigerant left in the system for it operate effectively Remember that if you manage the repair yourself then you may have to pay for more than one recharge of the aircon system whereas if you let a garage diagnose and perform the repair it will probably be less than you think Service Parts fo

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