Photo Steps: replacing rear axles

The following sequence of photo-graphs shows the step-by-step procedure for removing an axle from a car which uses a C-type axle lock to hold the rear axles in place. The C-type lock is discussed later in this chapter.

1 Place a drain pan under the differ-ential housing and, using the correct size socket wrench, remove two or three lower bolts and one upper bolt to allow the rear end grease to spill out of the housing.

2 Remove the remaining bolts and the cover. If the cover is stuck to the housing, use a screwdriver to pry it free.

3 Use a scraper to remove the old gasket from both the cover and the axle housing.

4 Turning the drive shaft with one hand, rotate the rear end slowly until the lock bolt pin is just at the bottom of the rear end housing. Now loosen the lock bolt with a box or Allen wrench.

5 Remove the lock pin.

6 Slide the pinion shaft pin out just until it clears the end of the axle. Do not remove the pin.

7 Have a helper push in on the axle flange until the C lock is exposed.

8 Using long-nose pliers, remove the C lock from the axle.

9 Have a helper pull the axle out and remove it. Then push the pinion shaft pin back into place and loosely install the lock pin.

10 Using a slide hammer seal-re-moving tool, take out the axle bearing and/or seal.

11 Using a seal-installing tool and a hammer, install the new seal in the axle housing. Now have your helper install the axle. Once again, remove the lock pin, slide the pinion shaft out far enough to allow the axle to shdo into place, and install the C lock on the axle. With the C lock in place, have your helper pull out on the axle until it sets in place. Again slide the pinion shaft pin into the case and tighten the lock bolt securely.

12 Coat the differential housing cover with gasket cement.

13 Install a new gasket on the differ-ential cover, and put the cover on the housing. First start all cover bolts by hand, then tighten them using the tight-ening sequence described later in this chapter.

14 Fill the differential assembly with rear end grease.

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