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AirCon Fault Diagnosis and Common Faults If you use this as fault finding guide it isn’t a bad starting point if the two vehicles are the same type If you are getting some cooling

1. Check the cabin filter – if its really dirty then replace it. That will give a better airflow

2. Look for any leaves or similar debris on the vents

3. Check that all of the trunking is still in place. Ensure all of the under dash panels are still in place protecting the air-con piping. Test using the recirculation button to make sure you have an even distribution of air

4. How long since the AC was last recharged? If its greater than 2 years then try this next. If you are getting no cooling..

1. Does the interior fan work? If not the AC wont work either, check the fuses and that power is getting to the switch and motor

2. Is the AC compressor actually running at all? Look under the bonnet at where the drive belt is running and get a friend to switch the AC on and off a few times, not too quickly as some systems do not start for several seconds after the switch has been pushed. You should hear a click as the clutch operates and you should then be able to identify which is the compressor.

Check the fuses to make sure all are ok. On some compressors you will find a fuse on the head of the unit. If this is blown then firstly do a recharge of the AirCon refrigerant as that is most likely cause of the fuse going. If the AC compressor is running then it most likely that there is a not enough of the refrigerant left in the system for it operate effectively Remember that if you manage the repair yourself then you may have to pay for more than one recharge of the aircon system whereas if you let a garage diagnose and perform the repair it will probably be less than you think Service Parts fo

Walmart Oil Change Coupons

Have you ever been to Walmart Company? It is located in USA and has offices and shops all over the world. It is popular by its car service.

There’s one more thing Walmart is famous for its Walmart oil change coupons.

Facts about Walmart Oil Change Coupons

If you are in Walmart, you can maintain your car at any of its car service stations. The quality of car service in Walmart is high enough and many drivers come here with the only one aim – to care about their vehicles.

Mechanics in Walmart tell that they provide their clients with the service of the best quality and offer the affordable price for it.

In fact Walmart car service stations are not the cheapest in USA and it can be really expensive to change the oil there or to get any other kind of car maintenance, their prices range from $20 to $50.

Walmart oil change coupons are necessary for any driver who come there and needs this service. If you need the maintenance of the highest quality, Walmart is that very place you can get it.

Why Are Walmart Oil Change Coupons Necessary?

Walmart oil change coupons are special discounts for oil change. Every company in Walmart prepares special offers for their clients that help to save money. Any car owner knows that car maintenance is extremely expensive. Besides your car usually needs some service that very moment when you are lack of money or you are in another city and simply don’t know what companies are worth your trust.

Walmart coupons can be found at the official site of this city. There you can get not only profitable offers but also read about the companies that can maintain your car. Thus you can find that car service station you like among all the other companies. Walmart oil change coupons are necessary for those who don’t like to pay a lot.

But at the same time you have to be very careful when you use one of Walmart coupons. When you find some coupon at the website, you have to look at its date first of all. Some coupons are valid only during the months or so, the others can be used any time you like. Then you have to study the offer carefully.

Remember that Walmart coupons are different and they offer different kinds of deals. You have to study the deal and to understand what discount you will get.

Sometimes there are some additional conditions in the advertisement like you can get 50% of discount for oil change if you get some other service at this very station.

Walmart coupons are necessary to compare the prices for car service at different companies. You can look through plenty of deals and find the company where the best service is offered for a reasonable price. So take your time and study the coupons to find the best deals and maintain your car.

Where to Get Walmart Oil Change Coupons?

Walmart oil change coupons are a good idea for its clients. Where it is possible to get Walmart coupons? There are several ways to find coupons with discounts and any of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look through them. The most popular way is to get the coupons online. There are many sites where you can find profitable offers, study them, print and use to save your money.

First of all you have to check the site where you get coupons. As you understand only the site that has deals with mechanics and car service companies can offer you valid deals. It is possible to get valid coupons at the official site of Walmart, at the site of Tire & Lube Express Center and at some other sites that are reliable.

If you have found the site with valid Walmart coupons, save it and then visit regularly. If you find the offer you like, you have to look at its expiry date. Thus some coupons are valid only during some period of time.

Never visit the car service station with invalid coupon. Check it beforehand. The other place where you can find Walmart oil change coupons is your local newspaper.

Very often you can find the coupons with discounts there and cut them up. The other way to get new coupons and make profitable oil change deals is to install the application to your IPhone.

Now you can get discount coupons through your IPhone too. What to do if you have cut the coupon and after that left it at home?

You can visit Tire & Lube Express Center where you can get the Walmart coupons and study profitable deals too.

You can get necessary information about car service companies and find the best offers for your car maintain. Thus you can get the service of the best quality for a reasonable price – the thing we all dream about.