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AirCon Fault Diagnosis and Common Faults If you use this as fault finding guide it isn’t a bad starting point if the two vehicles are the same type If you are getting some cooling

1. Check the cabin filter – if its really dirty then replace it. That will give a better airflow

2. Look for any leaves or similar debris on the vents

3. Check that all of the trunking is still in place. Ensure all of the under dash panels are still in place protecting the air-con piping. Test using the recirculation button to make sure you have an even distribution of air

4. How long since the AC was last recharged? If its greater than 2 years then try this next. If you are getting no cooling..

1. Does the interior fan work? If not the AC wont work either, check the fuses and that power is getting to the switch and motor

2. Is the AC compressor actually running at all? Look under the bonnet at where the drive belt is running and get a friend to switch the AC on and off a few times, not too quickly as some systems do not start for several seconds after the switch has been pushed. You should hear a click as the clutch operates and you should then be able to identify which is the compressor.

Check the fuses to make sure all are ok. On some compressors you will find a fuse on the head of the unit. If this is blown then firstly do a recharge of the AirCon refrigerant as that is most likely cause of the fuse going. If the AC compressor is running then it most likely that there is a not enough of the refrigerant left in the system for it operate effectively Remember that if you manage the repair yourself then you may have to pay for more than one recharge of the aircon system whereas if you let a garage diagnose and perform the repair it will probably be less than you think Service Parts fo

Walmart Oil Change Coupons

Have you ever been to Walmart Company? It is located in USA and has offices and shops all over the world. It is popular by its car service.

There’s one more thing Walmart is famous for its Walmart oil change coupons.

Facts about Walmart Oil Change Coupons

If you are in Walmart, you can maintain your car at any of its car service stations. The quality of car service in Walmart is high enough and many drivers come here with the only one aim – to care about their vehicles.

Mechanics in Walmart tell that they provide their clients with the service of the best quality and offer the affordable price for it.

In fact Walmart car service stations are not the cheapest in USA and it can be really expensive to change the oil there or to get any other kind of car maintenance, their prices range from $20 to $50.

Walmart oil change coupons are necessary for any driver who come there and needs this service. If you need the maintenance of the highest quality, Walmart is that very place you can get it.

Why Are Walmart Oil Change Coupons Necessary?

Walmart oil change coupons are special discounts for oil change. Every company in Walmart prepares special offers for their clients that help to save money. Any car owner knows that car maintenance is extremely expensive. Besides your car usually needs some service that very moment when you are lack of money or you are in another city and simply don’t know what companies are worth your trust.

Walmart coupons can be found at the official site of this city. There you can get not only profitable offers but also read about the companies that can maintain your car. Thus you can find that car service station you like among all the other companies. Walmart oil change coupons are necessary for those who don’t like to pay a lot.

But at the same time you have to be very careful when you use one of Walmart coupons. When you find some coupon at the website, you have to look at its date first of all. Some coupons are valid only during the months or so, the others can be used any time you like. Then you have to study the offer carefully.

Remember that Walmart coupons are different and they offer different kinds of deals. You have to study the deal and to understand what discount you will get.

Sometimes there are some additional conditions in the advertisement like you can get 50% of discount for oil change if you get some other service at this very station.

Walmart coupons are necessary to compare the prices for car service at different companies. You can look through plenty of deals and find the company where the best service is offered for a reasonable price. So take your time and study the coupons to find the best deals and maintain your car.

Where to Get Walmart Oil Change Coupons?

Walmart oil change coupons are a good idea for its clients. Where it is possible to get Walmart coupons? There are several ways to find coupons with discounts and any of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look through them. The most popular way is to get the coupons online. There are many sites where you can find profitable offers, study them, print and use to save your money.

First of all you have to check the site where you get coupons. As you understand only the site that has deals with mechanics and car service companies can offer you valid deals. It is possible to get valid coupons at the official site of Walmart, at the site of Tire & Lube Express Center and at some other sites that are reliable.

If you have found the site with valid Walmart coupons, save it and then visit regularly. If you find the offer you like, you have to look at its expiry date. Thus some coupons are valid only during some period of time.

Never visit the car service station with invalid coupon. Check it beforehand. The other place where you can find Walmart oil change coupons is your local newspaper.

Very often you can find the coupons with discounts there and cut them up. The other way to get new coupons and make profitable oil change deals is to install the application to your IPhone.

Now you can get discount coupons through your IPhone too. What to do if you have cut the coupon and after that left it at home?

You can visit Tire & Lube Express Center where you can get the Walmart coupons and study profitable deals too.

You can get necessary information about car service companies and find the best offers for your car maintain. Thus you can get the service of the best quality for a reasonable price – the thing we all dream about.

Car Repair Shop Plano Company

Car repairs are no fun at all, but when you have a vehicle that is under the weather, a great car repair shop in Plano is going to be one of the most important things to you. One of the worst mistakes you can make is choosing the first repair shop that you find. You need to make sure that the shop is right for you and your car.

When you are looking for your car repair shop in Plano, you are going to want to check to see if they service your kind of vehicle. If you have an older vehicle or a foreign vehicle, make sure that the shop has experience with those types of car or truck. If it doesn’t specify on their website, you can always call the shop and ask them.

Trust is important as well. You need a mechanic that you will be able to trust and that won’t overcharge for the work they do. One of the best ways to check the honesty and the reliability of the shop is to check testimonials and reviews of the shop on the web. Make sure you find some unbiased reviews that give an honest interpretation and review of the car repair shop. Use these reviews coupled with your own research to choose your car repair shop in Plano. How can you go about finding a great car repair shop in Plano? You have quite a few options when it comes to locating a quality shop. You can talk with family, friends and coworkers to see where they take their cars. This can be helpful in some cases. However, if you are new to the area or you want your own mechanic, you will want to rely on the web to find your Plano car repair garage. Contact us today for more information!

Electric car window repair | DIY Car Repair

Cаr windows serve in keeping the pаssengers аnd driver sаfe in the cаr. So it is imperаtive thаt they аre instаlled properly аnd аre functioning well. Whenever they аre not functioning, you should go for car window repair. Repаir includes fixing smаll issues like scrаpes аnd dаmаges like chips аnd crаcks on the cаr window. There аre do- it- yourself repаir kits аvаilаble; but it is better to go to а deаler аs he cаn guаrаntee efficient аnd sаfe repаir. Before understаnding car window repair, let us look into the different types of cаr windows.  Side cаr windows cаn be found аttаched to the doors of the cаr. The window in the bаck of the cаr is cаlled reаr window аnd it is fixed to the bаck section of the cаr, with аn аdhesive.

So you cаnnot roll them. The side windows cаn be rolled up аnd down mаnuаlly. There аre power windows thаt cаn be lowered or rаised up using buttons. These windows help in keeping the occupаnts of а cаr sаfe аnd prevent rаin, dust or heаt from entering the cаr. The most common question which we heаr from the one who owns the car is whether or not they need to get а cаr window repаir or to get аn autoglass replаcement. These two things tend to be different from one аnother. For one, аuto glаss repаir is surely cheаper аnd it cаn be performed quicker too. аuto glаss repаir is done by injecting а glаss resin which will work аs glue thаt mаy keep the glаss together. Nonetheless it hаs its limitаtions аnd not аll dаmаges in аutomobile glass cаn be corrected thru this technique. The mаin issues to consider аre, first, sаfety. Then you mаy consider whether you wish to do it your self.

Lаst how to mаke а sensible choice for hаving cаr window repаir done by а specialist. The window in the rear is mаde up of аn аluminum frаme inside which the single glаss is fit. The side windows consist of regulаtor аnd window glаsses. You should go for cаr window repаir whenever dаmаge is spotted on the side windows. In cаse of power windows, there аre electric motors thаt help in automatic opening аnd closing of windows with the help of а switch.Window motor repаir requires skill аnd technicаl know-how of professionаl аuto glаss techniciаns. Actuаlly, you could do it by yourself, аnd it doesnt hаve to be thаt hаrd. Mаny people will bring their cаrs to а repаir shop when this hаppens, just becаuse they think thаt they cаnnot fix it. Well, аs long аs youre а little bit hаndy, аnd comfortаble with tаking things аpаrt (dont fret, you will hаve instructions to put it bаck together! ), then you cаn definitely try cаr window repаir on your own. Why would you wаnt to do аn аuto glаss replacement by yourself, if you cаn just bring the cаr to а body shop аnd get them do it? Well, there аre some reаsons I could give you. The very first is cost sаvings. Generаlly, when repairing аnything by yourself, you sаve money in lаbor. This is not аlwаys the cаse, however in this pаrticulаr cаse it generаlly is. аdditionаlly you believe greаt sense of аccomplishment of repаiring your personаl cаr. аt the sаme time, there аre some people who simply dont like other people touching their cаr-its similаr to their bаby. For this reаson аlone, you ought to аt the leаst аttempt а car window repair.

Tips for a Fun Road Trip to the Beach with Fido

Tips for a Fun Road Trip to the Beach with Fido A road trip to the beach can be some of the best times for you and your dog. The fresh salt air, the surf and wiggling your toes in the sand are part of what you both love most about a trip to your favorite dog-friendly beach. My Jack Russell Terrier Zoe just loves the off-leash beach park we visit often in the summer.  I so enjoy watching her frolicking and playing with other well behaved dogs and chasing away those pesky seagulls from our picnic area.  Look into planning a day at a dog-friendly beach in your area this summer. Here are a few tips helpful tips to make it fun and safe for you and Fido:

Dog Road Trip Safety: Don’t let your dog to ride in the front seat on your beach road trip, no matter how much your dog enjoys it. Dogs riding in the front seat can be thrown into the windshield if you have to make a sudden stop. If your dog is like mine they want to ride in the car on your lap, this will interfere with driving or they can fall down by the gas and brake pedals, causing an accident. Airbags can also pose a hazard to dogs if they deploy while they are in the front seats. Keep dogs in the back seats hooked to a Bark-Buckle Up harness or in a crate to keep them and your family secure and safe. Do not leave your dog alone in the car even if you only stop for a short break, in the shade, with the windows cracked and a full water dish. During warm summer temperatures your car can heat up to uncomfortable or outright dangerous for your dog in just a few minutes. Be sure and offer plenty of water and rest stops to relive themselves and keep everyone comfortable on the drive.

Tips for Happy Dogs at the Beach:

1.      Make sure to set up an umbrella or canopy for a shady rest spot and plenty of fresh water so your dog is not tempted to drink sea water, which can make your dog car sick or worse on the way home!

2.      Dogs do sunburn, especially those with short hair, white fur, and pink skin like my Jack Russell Terrier Zoe.  Limit your dogs exposure and apply sunscreen to his ears and nose 30 minutes before going outside and re-apply after swimming just like people should.

3.      Exposure to hot asphalt or sand can burn a dogs paws. You may need to be prepared to pick your dog up and carry him to protect his tender paws if it gets too hot.

4.      Dogs can get bitten by sea lice and stung by jellyfish.  Check on local beach conditions to make sure they will be safe for your dog.

5.      Keep an eye on your dog and do not let them get over exuberant in their excitement running and playing on the beach. Sand is harder to run on especially for older dogs, be sure to keep an eye on them so they don’t over-exert or get injured.

6.      Ocean water can damage your dogs fur and coat and make him smell funny later, so rinse your dog off at the end of the day; this also will help protect the interior of your car.

7.      Bring some fun toys your dog loves to chase like a ball that will float or a Frisbee. I never get tired of watching Zoe plays fetch in her oh so entertaining “Jack Russell” style.

8. Be careful letting your dog swim in strong tides and know if rip currents have been reported.

Reminder ALWAYS clean up after your dog and do not bury it in the sand. Bring plenty of bags and a scoop to pick up after your dog’s business! The beach is such a fun place to take your dog, and a perfect summertime activity as long as you make sure you do everything the safe way.


Solved: poor acceleration problem?

Check engine light was steady “ON” on dash.Getting car module scanned showed error P0141. Error P0141 is for oxygen sensor problem. If the air filter is plugged it can cause increased fuel consumption and in severe cases it can cause running problems. The O2 sensor code you have is for the heater inside the coil. In order for the O2 sensor to work properly you need to have the sensor hot. In the past the engine would run in a predetermined fuel map until the O2 sensor was hot and started working.

At that time it would switch and add/subtract fuel by using the O2 sensor. That few minutes or so when this was happening (engine running off fuel map before O2 sensor was hot) was causing increased emissions and to stop this they started making O2 sensors that have a heater inside. It’s similar to a toast coil. It’s a wire inside that gets really hot as soon as the engine is started to reduce the time the O2 isn’t working. What usually happens is that wire inside breaks and the computer doesn’t see any change on that wire when it’s sending current too and then it sends a code and turns on the check engine light.

But in case if you still get error Check engine light on dash then, I would take off the cat. after the header and check for a plugged exhaust. You should be able to see light through it. Looks like a honeycomb just smaller cells. It should not look melted or anything and should not have chucks of anything falling out or anything. If it looks good then you need to check the header for blockage. I think you may have a blockage. Another thing you can do is put a vacuum gauge on the intake manifold and watch the needle after you rev the engine up and let it idle. It will drop down on the gauge if it’s got a blocked exhaust.